Matching 8mm Titanium Raised Satin Center Rings

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Slightly raised satin to the surface makes the facet area more appealing and much attractive than other satin center titanium ring set. This unique ring set is itself a piece of art that makes it more profound to the values of the people. This raised satin center matching ring set for couples is best suited with its long-lasting titanium metal base which makes it more resistive to the scratches and small wear and tear. The whole ring set is designed to make these wedding bands look elegant to every outfit you wear. Moreover, our matching 8mm titanium raised satin center ring is highly stable to alkaline and saline condition. So, you can wear them even you are showering. The raised centrally placed satin surface gives a very classy finish that makes it one of the most compiling wedding and engagement rings.

The middle facet satin finish matching ring set for men and women is just like a fogged mirror but comes with forever promise of its endurance. And the best part of this titanium satin finish matching ring set is that the surface has a very high resistive to scratches. This, altogether makes this ring set as wedding rings for couples. Our matching 9mm titanium ring with middle satin finish ring sets are more common and popular in the younger and high achiever couple who not just want a ring that shows their love and affection but also depicts their own personal beauty.

Silvery Satin with Raised portion— This amazing 8mm titanium wedding ring for the men and women featuring a flat, brushed center with comfort-fit and satin step-down edges. In short, they are the first choices for the people who want a bolder and simpler look. Our satin titanium ring is designed to suits every outfit, so whatever the occasion is, this handsome and attractive 8mm titanium ring will compliment any man or woman finger.

The ring is 8mm wide and provides a durable, comfortable styling while still portraying elegance and style. Therefore, these beautifully handcrafted bands would be perfect as a wedding band, engagement ring, or as a gift for any upcoming events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts. They are also a perfect gift for the old ages as they look simple. With our minimalistic and smooth finished texture, our titanium satin ring adds a plain yet stylish design that is both modern but still contains the classic clean lines that will stand harsh conditions.

But the best part is, the ring is made from titanium that is highly resistive to corrosion. And with the satin design, it gives you a more scratch-resistant surface. Our satin center raised titanium ring for men and women comes with comfort fit styling that makes you wear them all day long without any discomfort. Moreover, this raised satin center titanium ring has hypoallergenic properties that make the ring wearable even to skin sensitive people. Therefore, if a person has an allergic reaction to certain jewelry such as gold or silver due to the alloys, it is highly recommended that one should switch to our satin center titanium ring.

Unlike other metals such as silver, titanium will never tarnish. Each ring is designed with jewelry-grade titanium which is made to free from adulterants and also non-toxic to humans. So, it projects a picture of a sophisticated cool piece of 8mm titanium raised satin center ring that seeks attention with it's subtle and sleek understated styling, and a perfect gift to celebrate the union of two souls i.e. as the wedding ring. That’s the reason why the raised satin center titanium ring is more popular as the wedding ring for men and women. This ring could be also a perfect gift for older selves and also be given as gifts on thanksgiving and Christmas parties.

Highlighting Key Features

  • Simple and elegant raised satin center on a polished titanium metal base.
  • Except for the flat satin top, the whole ring has a highly polished surface with long-lasting lustrous.
  • Long-lasting scratch resistance and corrosion-free ring surface.
  • Handcrafted, non-toxic, non-bending, hard, hypoallergenic, and durable titanium metal is used.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • The ring comes with Comfort-fit styling.
  • Suitable for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, party, birthday, valentine's, and thanksgiving.

Product Specification

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 0.02 LBS
  • Style: Classic, Trendy
  • Width: 8mm
  • Sizes: US Full & Half sizes range from 4 to 16
  • Base Metal Type: Titanium
  • Type of Fit: Comfort fit
  • Face Design: Raised SatinFlat Face
  • Edge Type: Flat Smooth Edges

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