Matching 6mm & 9mm Double Satin Lined Tungsten Rings

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This shiny matching tungsten carbide ring set is the perfect mix of classic & modern design with a width of 6mm and 9mm, and featuring 2 satin finished lines in the middle of 3 high polish finished lines. Simplistic design with a firm build— Our double satin lined tungsten rings are quite not common but they are eventually getting into the trend. These polished finished lines are one of the elements that make this matching domed double satin ring an eye-catcher.

Moreover, this matching 6mm and 9mm double satin lined ring set is made from solid tungsten carbide that is handcrafted and free from any irritant chemicals and metals like cobalt. In addition, these matching double satin line ring sets are made from the jewelry grade tungsten which again adds its longevity. This matching ring sets for men and women also ensures resistance to scratches. Altogether, this makes the ring a long-lasting with beautifying and simple design. So, this set was designed to last a lifetime. Tungsten ring sets are high quality with great color and luster.

This simply designed ring is made with high-quality standards and all the precautions are administered to give the ring a smooth and elegant look. The double satin lined sets on a tungsten carbide metal that is a type of metal that promises longevity with endurance. They are meant to be one of the hardest materials that are used for making jewelry. Due to its high endurance power and rigidity, they are highly susceptible to resist scratches.

Our tungsten metal wedding ring is handcrafted and also free from skin irritant chemicals like cobalt, so it is highly stable against any skin allergies. Moreover, the ring comes with a comfort fit design which further prevents any skin rashes even the whole day wearing. In short, with our tungsten carbide ring, you get all the necessary promise such as everlasting firmness, long-lasting lustrous, and corrosion-free coating. The tungsten carbide symbolizes strength and power which is another reason why it is more popular as the wedding rings and as a promise rings.

In the face area of the ring, there is a dual-channel of the satin lines that run parallel to each other and are separated by three high polish mirror-finished lines. So, for sure, this tungsten wedding ring for men and women would catch the eye of anyone. Many of us believe that dual-band satin rings are just the rings that have center grooved staging on the facet area of the ring. But they are more than that, actually, they are just like fogged mirrors.

The satin dual-channel design with the polished, shiny, and bright metal surface makes this tungsten carbide ring a perfect mixture of classic and modern design. In addition, the flat double stain design of this ring gives the ring a royal look which at first looks simple but the beveled or domed edges of this tungsten wedding ring make it more attractive and bold.

Our double satin lined tungsten ring suits best as men wedding rings, men engagement rings, women wedding rings, women engagement rings, friendship bands, and as a promising band. And if you want to buy a ring for your father, mother, uncle, teacher, or coach, etc then it would be quite a good alternative for all other available rings online.

Highlighting Key Features

  • The double satin lined with three mirror-finished facet designs on a most durable metal called tungsten carbide.
  • Mirror finished on a polished surface with long-lasting lustrous.
  • Classic flat tungsten carbide ring comes with Comfort-fit styling.
  • Highly scratch resistance surface due to a hard, non-bending, and durable tungsten carbide metal.
  • Available in all sizes for men and women sizes.

Product Specification

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 0.02 LBS
  • Style: Classic,Trendy
  • Width Combo: 6mm and 9mm
  • Sizes: US Full & Half sizes range from 4 to 17
  • Base Metal Type: Tungsten Carbide
  • Type of Fit: Comfort fit
  • Face Design: Dual Satin
  • Plated Layer: NA
  • Edge Type: Beveled

*Please Note: Our tungsten comfort-fit bands tend to run about a half size larger. For a better fit, we recommend that you try to order a half size under your regular ring size.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!! Please see our Returns/Exchange Policy page for further information.

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