Matching 6mm & 7mm Titanium Rings with Double 18k Plated Grooves

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This matching titanium ring with an 18k double grooved gold layer and a width of 6mm and 7mm makes it a perfect ring set for the couples for their wedding. This 18k gold plated grooved designed matching titanium ring matching set is a piece of beauty that is a perfect sign of love and gracefulness. Nothing says eternal love better than these beautiful flat tops, comfort-fit 6mm and 7mm Titanium wedding bands with two soft, round cut 18k gold plated grooves in the middle. This ring set is made from a high-quality jewelry-grade titanium metal that will amaze you with its shininess and beauty. Moreover, these titanium ring sets with double groove 18k lining will have a highly scratch-resistant surface that makes it one of the best rings as a wedding ring set for men and women. You will wear these rings proudly with their highly polished silver edges and gives a contrasting look to the yellow gold filled groove.

In addition, the ring is made with comfort fit styling that never discomforts your fingers. In short, our matching titanium double grooved 18k gold wedding ring set is a perfect piece of rings that every couple is looking for their wedding. The most common and popular type of matching 6mm and 7mm double 18k plated grooves titanium rings are the matching double groove 18k gold plated titanium wedding band, matching double groove 18k gold plated titanium engagement bands and matching double groove 18k gold plated titanium friendship ring sets.

Exchange vows in true style with our 18k gold plated double grooves titanium ring. This attractive ring features a simple design that admires you with a beautiful flat, comfort-fit titanium, round cut 18k gold grooves in the middle. While talking about its look, the wedding ring has highly polished silver edges coupled with contrasting yellow gold plated grooves. Comfortable, classic, and strong, the triple silvery lands with two gold plated grooves on a titanium band is perfect as a wedding band. Moreover, the grooved design possesses unique and distinctive looks that are crafted for daily wear.
Three silvery polished lands on the face of the ring with two 18k grooves that run parallel to each other make it a great piece of art for the people who want gold-finished wedding rings. The three silvery inlay lands are dully polished to give a long-lasting luster that never tarnishes with time. Moreover, the titanium ring has a multilayer coating of 18k gold which makes it more resistant to the scratches. This beautiful 18k Gold plated wedding band is electroplated on the titanium base metal, making it an exquisite piece of art that is drawn to everyone.

The ring has an incredibly fine 18k yellow gold multilayer coating which is the reason for its elegant look that fits any outfit you wear. Furthermore, this multilayer ring coating also offers great protection against scratches and alkaline conditions. Titanium is one of the hardest metals that are durable too, making it hard to get scratches from abrasive materials such as rocks, steel tools, and utensils, etc. Hand-crafted, lightweight, and durable, this titanium ring with double 18k plated grooves is perfect for all occasions such as an upcoming engagement, anniversary gift, and Valentine's Day gift.

Highlighting Key Features

  • Sleek double 18k gold plated grooves on a Titanium ring.
  • Titanium metal is handcrafted with the purest form of titanium.
  • Rings serve high scratch resistance, corrosion-free coating with hypoallergenic properties.
  • Even and multilayer coating of 18k gold that resists its lustrous.
  • This comfort-fit titanium wedding band with two soft rounded cuts 18k gold grooves in the middle.
  • The comfort fit interior makes this titanium ring incredibly easy to wear.
  • It complements any style and provides timeless elegance.
  • The ring is crafted with high-quality standards.
  • The plain and simple design, super comfortable, the comfort-fit design gives you a cozy feeling.

Product Specification

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 0.02 LBS
  • Style: Classic, Trendy
  • Sizes: US Sizes Full and half 4 to 17
  • Width Combo: 6mm and 7mm
  • Base Metal Type: Titanium
  • Type of Fit: Comfort fit
  • Inlay: Two gold plated lines
  • Plated Layer: Gold Plated
  • Edge Type: Smooth Edges

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