Matching 7mm Titanium Middle 18k Facet Rings

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With a width of 7mm polished multilayer 18k gold coating, this spectacular ring set which is made from titanium metal with silver styling edges. The ring has a highly polished surface that enhances the beauty of this titanium matching ring for men and women. This 18k gold plated middle facet ring set for couples is made from high-grade titanium that promises high durability without compromising on the looks. Altogether, this intricately designed middle gold provides an additional detailing that makes this ring an attention grabber. In short, this titanium ring set offers a durable, scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, and comfortable fit while still portraying elegance and style.

This beautifully handcrafted matching 7mm middle 18k facet titanium ring are perfect for an upcoming engagement, anniversary gift, or as the replacement of older wedding rings. The most common and popular type of matching middle facet titanium ring sets are matching middle 18k faceted wedding ring sets for his and her, matching the middle 18k gold faceted wedding ring set for couples, cheap matching 18k gold titanium wedding ring sets, and matching friendship 18k gold ring sets.

A Gold plated inlay with a thin silver styling edge design makes this single piece of beauty the best choice for the bold and high achiever of life. The ring sets on the titanium base which is one of the best and recommended choices of jewelers. Titanium bands are quite popular as a wedding ring due to their lustrous and high durable surface. This makes the ring a non-bending ring that promises long-lasting durability. The ring is fabricated with a slightly deep-domed inner face area which makes the ring a comfort fit. Moreover, the inner edges have a smooth lustrous surface due to a very fine high-grade 18k gold coating. The 18k gold electroplated layer covers the whole area of the titanium band.

Various sizes of diamond shapes are centrally placed as the inlay of this titanium ring. The inlay surface has a very detailed lining that enhances the ring beauty. The middle diamond shape inlay is slightly protruding from the face surface of the ring. In addition, they have diagonal cuts which are the base of this Diamond shape formation. The middle Diamond shape inlay is coupled by two distinct titanium bands that stretch to the edge of the ring. These extended titanium bands make the edges flat which makes rings look bigger than the other round edges rings.

The combination of middle 18k gold plated inlay and the two slightly placed titanium bands make the face look classy and elegant which suits every personality. This ring is meant to have a simple modern, trendy, and elegant styling due to the coating of the precious 18k gold metal with a simple raised domed inlay that adds simplicity and glamour to the personality. Overall, this package of gold plated rings makes a great choice for the people who want to be achievers, winners, and want something out of the box that suits every modern outfit.

Highlighting Key Features

  • 7mm width evenly polished middle placed inlay on a firm base of titanium metal ring.
  • Highly durable multi-coated with 18k yellow gold layers.
  • Flat edges that make the ring look bigger than the other round edges rings.
  • Smooth inlay surfaces that don’t catch the clothes.
  • The 18k gold inlay is bounded by two extended distant titanium bands.
  • 18k Gold plated titanium wedding ring comes with a comfort fit.
  • Raised skillfully designed inlay surface with various diamond shapes linings.
  • Highly durable scratch-resistant surface.
  • Slightly heavy titanium metal ring as the base metal.
  • The ring is manufactured with the highest quality standards.
  • The best choice for the bold, winner, and high achiever of life and suits every modern outfit.

Product Specification

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 0.02 LBS
  • Style: Modern, Trendy, Elegant
  • Sizes: US Sizes Full and Half from 4 to 16
  • Width Combo: 7mm
  • Base Metal Type: Titanium
  • Type of Fit: Comfort fit
  • Plated Layer: Gold Plated
  • Edge Type: Flat Edges

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