18k Gold Plated Angel Wings CZ Open Ring

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Custom rings feel more special than just buying a ring for a fairy lady. Fair ladies want some different outfits and when choosing the ring for them, they also want a different approach and feel. And this what you can achieve from our 18K gold plated angel wings CZ open ring. This ring has an outer gold plated finish with face wing design.

The ring is electroplated with the multilayer of the gold which gives protection from common wears and tears. The ring settles on the zinc alloy which makes it lightweight and feels lighter on the finger. Due to lighter weight, the ring face is easy to manage. This means that if the base metal is made from a heavyweight metal like tungsten then the beautiful open ring face would keep changing its position, and you have to repeatedly adjust its position. And this is the reason why this graceful winged ring in made on lightweight zinc alloy.

The face design has an angel wing with an open ring design which makes it very attention-seeking beauty. This gold plated ring has two wings that settle on either side of the opening terminal of the ring. Each ring has a set of five deep groove feather design that is coupled by small CZ stones. This CZ stone ring gives a very similar look to diamond cuts. For jewelers, CZ stone is the only thing that provides brilliance and crystal clarity like a diamond. The CZ stones are handcrafted which also enhances the value of this angel wing ring.

Each wing of this gold plated angel ring has a combination of 20 CZ stones which are linearly played to the grooves of the wing. In addition, the wings surface has very fine and smooth edges. Our 18k gold plated angel wings CZ open ring is the best choice for the females who want to look fairy, sorceress, or who just love tales stories. Moreover, you can gift your girl child this angel wing with a costume of fairy.

Highlighting Key Features

  • Angel wings with an open ring design on a lightweight Zinc alloy metal.
  • Zinc alloy makes ring light and also helps to clip the design face to the right angle.
  • High quality handcrafted CZ stones with brilliant shininess is used.
  • The Angel wing ring has a very fine and smooth finish.
  • Highly durable multi-coated with 18k yellow gold layers.
  • Smooth edges of the ring with comfort fit design.
  • 18k Gold plated titanium ring comes with a comfort fit.
  • Durable scratch-resistant surface.
  • The ring is manufactured with the highest quality standards.

Product Specification

  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Weight: 0.02 LBS
  • Style: Modern, Trendy, Elegant
  • Sizes: US Sizes 7
  • Base Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Type of Fit: Comfort fit
  • Face Design: Open Ring with 2 Wings and 40 CZ Stones
  • Plated Layer: Multilayer Gold Plated
  • Edge Type: Smooth Edges

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