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How to choose a perfect tungsten engagement ring


It’s best to make an informed, wise decision when choosing a wedding ring. Tungsten is one of the latest entrants in the jewelry business; jewelers have begun using it to craft engagements rings only in the last decade. Tungsten, when combined with carbon forms tungsten carbide, one of the toughest materials; it is ten times harder than 18k gold and harder than steel, too. Another advantage is its naturally scratch proof surface, which retains the shine and metallic luster for many, many years. Like your love, your tungsten engagement rings will always look new, polished and evergreen.

If you want to buy tungsten engagement rings for your partner and yourself, you must ensure that it’s of the highest quality. Tungsten rings are often bound with cobalt, which tarnishes the metal after sustained use, and also causes skin damages around the ring. The best metal for binding is nickel. When choosing tungsten engagement rings, it's best to clarify with the jeweler that nickel has been used for the binding. Since tungsten rings are hard and scratch proof, they are blessed with a permanent shine that never fades, just like your love.

The third consideration is the design of the ring. Engagement rings can be the classic love band set with a diamond at the center, or a more modern design with a colored fiber band in red or green running through the center. Tungsten Matching rings are available in a wide variety, but you must check the warranty, the versatility of the design and the craft of the jeweler before you take a decision.

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